Worldcon 75

The 75th World Science Fiction Convention, 9-13 August 2017, Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland

Contact Information

Worldcon 75 has lots of people and divisions building it and sometimes it can be difficult to figure out who to contact. We have gathered some of the most-frequently asked addresses here in one page!

All addresses are format

Questions about a topic not covered by any of the areas below? You can always also reach us at:


Email us here if you have needs concerning access, either at the con-site or hotels.
Email us here if you would like to advertise in one of our publications (Progress reports, Souvenir book etc.).
Email us here if you would like to submit art to our art show.
Email us here if you have questions about or contributions to our blog.

Email us here if you if you are a fan creator (artist/author/crafter/costumers/etc.) and would like to have, for a small fee, table which you can promote and sell your work.
Email us here if you would like to have a table in the dealer’s room.
Email us here if you would like to suggest something for our display of things of general interest to con-goers.
Email us if you have any questions regarding our big Events (Masquerade, Hugo-ceremony, dances etc.).
Email us here if you have exhibits things not covered by art show, displays, fan tables or creator’s alley, including suggesting ideas or enquiring about things where you're not sure what category you fit into.
Email us here if you have questions about the family membership or the children’s program at Worldcon 75.
Email us here if you would like to have table for your society/convention/bid.
Email us here if you have any fan group related questions other than fan tables (queries for that go directly to fan tables, see above).
Email us for all queries about the Green Room.
Email us here for all general hospitality questions.
Email us here if you have any questions about our hotels. Please note that all hotel reservations are made directly to the hotels in question, except for the Holiday Inn Messukeskus, which goes through member services.
Email us here for questions about the Hugo Administration.
Email us here if you have questions specifically about the Masquerade.
Email us here if you have any questions about the services we offer to our members, including reserving an accessible room from Holiday Inn Messukeskus.
Email us here if you plan to host a party at Worldcon.
Email us here if you would like to get in touch with our press team.
Email us here if you have any questions or suggestions about programming at Worldcon 75.
Email us here if you have any questions regarding your registration or membership.
Email us if you have any questions regarding our Code of Conduct.
Email us if you have any concerns or questions regarding the safety and security at Worldcon 75 (how is it handled, what types of props are allowed for costumes etc.).
Email us here if you would like to volunteer your time and effort in creating Worldcon 75!

Postal Address

Our postal address in Finland is:

Worldcon 75
c/o Maa ja ilma ry
PO Box 665
FI-00101 Helsinki

We also have an address in the United States of America:

Worldcon 75
5115 Excelsior Blvd #474
St Louis Park, MN 55416-2906

Social Media

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Our Chair: Jukka Halme

Jukka Halme has chaired and co-chaired three Finncons, including the massive Finncon-Animecon in 2009 (over 10 000 attendees) and has also been in charge of programming at Finncon and Åcon for several years. Jukka has been actively involved in the Finnish and Nordic fandom since the early 80s, doing everything possible from gophering to editing and beyond. He has also been the fan GoH of two Eurocons. In his free time he works for the City of Helsinki and minds his two dogs with his lovely wife.

Worldcon 75 chair Jukka Halme

Our Vice-Chair: Karo Leikomaa

Karo Leikomaa has been organising events since the late 90s. Since 2008 Karo has been on the committee for several Finncons, in roles such as Vice Chair, Finance, Venue and Logistics, Gophers and Security, and GoH Liaison. She has chaired three Tampere Kuplii Comic Book Festivals and one Åcon. Karo worked for several conventions every year in Finland before moving to London, UK, in 2014. She has been active in Soroptimists International Finland since 2011. She is currently studying towards her MA at University College London.

Worldcon 75 vice-chair Karo Leikomaa

Our Vice-Chair: Colette H. Fozard

Colette H. Fozard has been helping to keep SF and anime conventions running for over twenty years. She has served as Convention Chair or other senior staff of several US East Coast cons including Arisia, Balticon, MAGFest and Zenkaikon, as well as many others. Her love of working at conventions has blossomed into a professional career in event planning. She is the Director of Operations for the Sakura Matsuri – Japanese Street Festival in Washington, DC each spring – the largest one-day celebration of Japanese Culture in the United States. She also serves as venue liaison for several other clients.

Worldcon 75 vice-chair Colette H. Fozard