Worldcon 75

The 75th World Science Fiction Convention, 9-13 August 2017, Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland

Staff Recruitment

Worldcon 75 needs you!

All worldcons are organised and put on by volunteer legions of dedicated fans and convention-runners. Worldcon 75 is no different and in addition to the wonderful staff we have now, there are many other positions that need good people to do them! Please take a look below at the list, and if you find a slot you are interested in, e-mail the corresponding divisional e-mail address and we will get back to you from there.

Volunteer benefits are being finalised but what we can promise up front is a wonderful sense of pride and accomplishment from being part of the team that put on the first Nordic Worldcon!

Available Staff Positions

Exhibits Roles and Responsibilities

Ideally most of the people volunteering for most of these roles will also be available in person at Messukeskus for a few days before and after the convention (Tuesday and Monday) to oversee the physical set-up and take-down of the displays and oversee setup in the hall, but if you are really interested in a role and cannot do that then talk to us anyway as we may be able to find someone else to coordinate that bit. Contact Clare and Terry at for more information or if you are interested in a position. We are happy to have a person do more than one of these roles if they would like! E-mail if you are interested in any of these positions.

At-con Art-Show Manager

  • Provides back-up for the art show Area Head to cover at-con management of the Art Show.
  • Must be able to attend the convention, and to be available to work in the mornings.

English-speaking sales staff

  • Works with the Trade Hall coordinator to recruit North American, European and other countries dealers.
  • Liaise between Non-Finnish Dealers and the Trade Hall staff.

Exhibits Map producer

  • Coordinates with Exhibits DH and DDH, various Exhibits Area Heads, Art Show Layout Map producer, and Logistics to produce a map of Exhibit Halls 4 and 5 including where each Creator and Merchant are located.

Costume display coordinator

  • Identify potential costume displayers and give info to the Displays Coordinator. (Familiarity with Finnish costuming fandom would help here! And/or European fandoms.)
  • Coordinate with costume displayers for size of space required, shipping, types of display furniture needed.
  • Coordinate with Displays Coordinator and Turva for security on displays.

Displays Deputy

  • Assists the Displays Coordinator to recruit volunteers and acts as a backup and point of contact for displays in the Exhibits hall. The main tasks for this role are:
    • Identify potential displayers and give info to the Displays Coordinator.
    • Answer queries from displayers as deputised by the Displays AH.
    • Negotiate with displayers about display size, needs, any costs, convention passes, etc. as deputised by the Displays AH.
    • Keep track of display needs.

Exhibits logistics

  • Coordinates with Exhibits DH and DDH, various Exhibits Area Heads, Turva, Convention Logistics and the Messukeskus, to coordinate all the placing of furniture, exhibit cases and stands, signage, benches, flooring, electricity, walls, hangings etc.
  • Coordinates with Artist Show Coordinator, Creators Alley and Dealers Coordinators for unloading and loading into the exhibit halls.

Trade Hall Deputy

  • Assists the Trade Hall Coordinator with all tasks:
    • Recruits Dealers for the Trade Hall.
    • Works with Facilities and Logistics to plan the Trade Hall set up and set it up at the con.
    • Coordinate with Facilities and Assembly Convention to find sufficient furniture for the Trade Hall.
    • Works with DevOps Division for Trade Hall registration check-in, check-out and payment/taxes/etc. software.
    • Works with Finance for payment/money handling, etc.
    • Works with other Divisions and Exhibits DH and DDH on theme, signage and decoration.

Exhibits Info Desk Coordinator

  • Coordinates with Exhibits DH and DDH and various Exhibits Area Heads on what sorts of information will be necessary for Members (opening and closing times, where to go for various information on Exhibits responsibilities, sign up sheets, Craft demos, Docent tours, maps, etc.).
  • Info Desk volunteers will also restock the Freebies table.
  • Works with Exhibits DH and DDH on budget.

Independent Author Table Liaison

  • Works with the Trade Hall Coordinator and Creators Alley Coordinator to liaise with independent authors wishing to sell no a small number of books or CDs at a shared table.
  • Communicates with authors etc.
  • Manages table staffing rota.

Turva Division

Turva is a Finnish word and it means security, the feeling of being safe. The Turva division includes OPS (Operations), security and safety, logistics, MIMO (Move In Move Out), off site storage and supplies. E-mail if you are interested in any of these positions.

Listener Area Head

  • Recruit and lead/manage the team of Listeners who will respond to reported incidences at the convention.
  • Desired experience: Previous Listener (or equivalent) experience.
  • E-mail if you are interested in this position.


Programme Division makes sure the convention has interesting programming for all age groups. E-mail if you are interested in any of these positions.

Music Area Head

  • Coordinate and organise music programme together with the Music team. Collaboration with Events essential.
  • Desired experience: Would be great to have contacts to the filk-community, Worldcon-music programme experience appreciated but not required.

Children’s programming staff

  • Help organise children’s programming on-site, assist the programme item leaders, possibly lead some items, and manage the family rooms.
  • Desired experience: working with kids in groups.
  • Language skills are very valuable.

At-convention staff

  • Help Programme run smoothly at the convention, working under ProgrammeOPS. Making sure programme items run on time, help to contact Tech if required etc.
  • Desired experience: no prior experience required.


Outreach Division is responsible for promoting and marketing Worldcon 75, as well as coordinating public contact to our members. E-mail if you are interested in any of these positions.

Social Media – East Coast US Coordinator

  • Social Media Team is in charge of Worldcon 75 presence in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.
  • SoMe Team handles scheduling posts, creating/finding content, posting, responding to comments and questions, sharing, liking, etc. in social media channels used by Worldcon 75.
  • SoMe Team coordinates with other Divisions about their posting needs.
  • SoMe Area Head is in charge of scheduling the work and making sure the team performs their tasks.

Merchandise Coordinator

  • Merchandise Coordinator is in charge of deciding (together with DH/DDH) what merchandise Worldcon 75 sells, procuring said merchandise, figuring out where and how to sell it and selling it.
  • Merchandise Coordinator also procures the freebie fun stuff ie. promotional items that are given out to potential customers.
  • Merchandise Coordinator coordinates selling our Merchandise online.

Sponsorship Coordinator

  • Sponsorship Coordinator is in charge of finding sponsors for Worldcon 75, negotiating deals and coordinating with different Divisions about Sponsorship Packages and deals made.
  • Sponsorship Coordinator coordinates with Outreach, Design, Trade Hall Area Head, Finance and possibly other staff as well.


The Events Division is responsible for organising all the larger events at Worldcon – this includes the opening and closing ceremonies, the dances, the Masquerade and the Hugo Awards ceremony. Events also organises the Hugo reception (before the Hugo Awards ceremony). If it is big and fancy and people will talk about it for years to come, it is probably an Event. E-mail if you are interested in any of these positions.

Closing Ceremony Director

  • The closing ceremony will be one of the final events of Worldcon 75 and will be a chance to look back at some of the highlights of the event. The Closing Ceremony Director will be responsible for designing the look and feel of this event.
  • A lot of the planning can be done before the convention, but as the Closing Ceremony will include highlights from the con, there will be a fair amount of work at the convention as well.
  • Desirable skills/experience: Experience of organising stage events. Experience of working at or attending SF conventions.

First Night Coordinator

  • The First Night Coordinator will work with the Opening Ceremony and Dances Directors, as well as the Programme, Exhibits and Hospitality Divisions to help decide what big activities we will be running on the first night of the convention to get our members in the mood for the rest of Worldcon 75.
  • Most of the planning will be done before the convention, but the First Night Coordinator will be required to be present on the night to supervise events as well.
  • This is a position with relatively light responsibilities, as it mainly involves coordinating with other people, who will be the ones to plan the events themselves.
  • Desirable skills/experience: Experience of team leadership. Experience of working at or attending SF conventions.

Member Services

Member Services is here to assist the members of Worldcon 75 so they enjoy themselves at the convention and throughout their stay in Helsinki! E-mail if you are interested in any of these positions.

Access Area Head

  • Responding to the emails that come in to
  • Tracking the requests for rooms at the Holiday Inn Messukeskus.
  • Tracking requests for fully accessible rooms.
  • Tracking requests for mobility scooters.
  • Liaising with Facilities to contract with a scooter hire company and arrange for scooters/chairs to be available at con.
  • Liaise with Hotels and Finance to allocate the rooms in the Holiday Inn as well as the nearby accessible rooms.
  • Recruit volunteers for the convention.
  • Create and manage staff/volunteer rota to staff the access desk at con.
  • Liaise with Tech/Programme to set up the programme rooms for access at con.
  • Manage quiet rooms with Facilities.

Info Desk Co-Area Head

  • Help Run the combined Alien Info/Info Desk area.
  • Respond to info@ emails.
  • Contribute to blog posts.
  • Contribute to web pages for member info.
  • Recruit volunteers to staff the info desk.
  • Create and maintain a rota for staffing the desk during the convention.

Childcare coordinator

  • Liaise with Messukeskus and local childcare providers to provide a service at the convention.
  • Be the main point of contact for contract negotiations.
  • Handle pre-con and at con bookings for childcare.

Trips and Tour coordinator

  • Liaise with external providers to set up possible excursions/tours for the members.
  • Coordinate sign up sheets and booking details.
  • Coordinate with Outreach Team to publicise the offerings.

Info Desk Volunteers – many needed

  • Work shifts at the info desk which will entail:
    • Managing sign-ups for tours, Kaffee Klatches, Literary Beers etc.
    • Providing information on the general area for members.
    • Providing information on where things are at the convention centre.
    • And more!

Access Volunteers – many needed

  • Help set up programme rooms for programme items.
  • Work access desk shifts:
    • Answering access questions.
    • Giving out access ribbons.
    • First contact for access issues members are experiencing.

Design Resources

Design Resources is responsible for visual representation of Worldcon 75 and related merchandise, the design and layout as well as making the visual impact to the venue and to main events. We are a team of illustrators, graphic designers, proofreaders, translators, photographers. E-mail if you are interested in any of these positions.

3D Modeler/s

  • Building 3D models in cooperation with our illustrator for the venue and main Events. The elements can be for example the northern lights, our mascot Major Ursa the space-exploring polar bear, a space rocket.
  • At this moment, facial expressions or detailed clothing, hair/fur movement is not necessary.
  • Earlier experience required, preferably in space and/or nature-related areas.

Printing coordinator

  • A person responsible for tendering a printing press for the future printable products (Progress Report 4, Programme Book, Restaurant Guide, and others, as well and posters).
  • Liaising with the person doing layout and the printing press, if needed.
  • Agreeing on time tables with the printing press (we will be printing a lot in July/August).
  • Prior experience of the printing process and the details printing presses need, is required.