Worldcon 75

The 75th World Science Fiction Convention, 9-13 August 2017, Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland


We welcome you to join us as a member of Worldcon 75!

Membership purchases are currently available on our member site with payment using credit and debit cards (via Stripe). For payments using Finnish online banking services (or as a fallback for Stripe), please use our Holvi store. Please note that memberships purchased via Holvi will be processed into our database with a delay of some days.

Membership of Worldcon 75 will also make you a member of the World Science Fiction Society (WSFS), and thereby lets you participate in the Hugo Awards and Worldcon Site Selection processes. Members who join by July 15, 2017 are eligible to vote for this year’s Hugo Awards.

We also offer day admissions for Worldcon 75. Please read more about them on the day passes page.

If you encounter any problems, please contact

€195 / $215
€160 / $180
€95 / $110
€60 / $70
YOUTH (16–25)
€110 / $125
€75 / $85
CHILD (6–15)
€75 / $90
KID-IN-TOW (0–5)
€35 / $40

Please note: All prices are in euros by default and get converted to other currencies in the payment process. Any fluctuation in the final charge is based on conversion in order to be more accurate. If you are sending a USD cheque, these are the prices we expect to receive.

What is a First Worldcon Membership?

One of the goals of Worldcon 75 is to be a more inclusive event and more accessible to new members of fandom. We would like to encourage new fans to join Worldcon, whether they heard about our convention in the month after we won the bid (in 2015) or in the months just prior to the convention. If you have never had a Worldcon membership of any kind, you are eligible for the First Worldcon Membership price of 95 euros, which was the price of an adult membership when we first started this convention. We hope to see you in Helsinki!

Do I need a new membership or an upgrade?

People who voted in Worldcon site selection in 2015 (administered by Sasquan) have, at minimum, an automatic supporting membership to Worldcon 75. This entitles you to a discounted attending membership if you wish to upgrade to attending our convention.

Friends and subscribers of the Helsinki in 2017 Worldcon bid who voted on site selection in 2015 are automatic full attending members of Worldcon 75. This is regardless of how you voted, and we appreciate each of the 2624 people who participated in the vote! If you were a friend or subscriber who did not manage to vote, please contact us at to discuss.

Pre-supporters of the Helsinki in 2017 Worldcon bid are very much appreciated, but the 20 euros of pre-support was entirely used up by the bid’s efforts to win the race. We regret that we are not able to offer you a discount for pre-supporting the bid. However, your reward is that we have won the Worldcon to be placed in Helsinki! If you voted on site selection in 2015, you do have an automatic non-attending (supporting) membership to Worldcon 75. This can be upgraded to an attending membership as above.

Can I upgrade my supporting membership to an attending one at the convention in Messukeskus?


What are the differences between adult and child memberships?

All membership rates which are age-bound refer to a person’s age on the first day of the convention, 9 August 2017. Although a Kid-in-Tow is free of charge, please remember to register your wee ones as members. We need information about them in order to appropriately plan for your family’s participation and enjoyment of our convention.

Child and Kid-in-Tow memberships do not include voting rights. We advise you to buy or upgrade to a Youth membership if you are under 16 but want to have voting rights.

Do you offer refunds or transfers?

Your membership is personal, but it is possible to transfer your membership (of any kind) to another person. Please contact us at if you wish to do this. The type of membership will be retained – child membership for children only, etc.

Do you offer day passes?

Yes, we do! Please click here for more information and the prices.

Do you offer installment plans?

If you wish to begin an installment plan for an attending membership, please purchase a supporting membership at this time and email with “Installment” in the subject header.

Do you offer family/household memberships?

Families or households of 4 or 5 members of any age may register together for a 10% discount on their memberships. Families or households of 6 or more members of any age, may register together for a 15% discount on their memberships.

The discount is calculated based on the membership type people are eligible for, which is based on their age on the first day of the convention. For payment instructions, you must email

How will I receive publications and updates?

If you wish to receive paper copies of the convention’s publications, we will be happy to send those to you for an additional €10 / $12 fee. Our convention default is to receive your pre-convention publications at no additional charge via email or download from this website.

How can I check my own membership status?

Visit and enter the email address you gave us when you got your membership. You can also use to edit your member profile, to upgrade a supporting membership into an attending one, to purchase a site selection token or to vote at the Hugos.