Worldcon 75

The 75th World Science Fiction Convention, 9-13 August 2017, Messukeskus, Helsinki, Finland

Information for Dealers

How much is it to Trade at Worldcon 75?

If you want to trade at Worldcon 75, we are principally selling tables for people to trade from. Tables are 200 cm × 70 cm and will cost €200 per table. You can also order additional tables at the same rate. If you want more than 6 tables then we may be able for you to arrange to have your own “island” of space; please email to discuss.

We can also provide space to allow you to set up your own displays or booths, in collaboration with the venue. However this space will be more expensive. We suggest you contact us directly (at and we can work together to see what we can produce.

How to Apply

To apply to take part in the Trade Hall, please either fill in the Web form below or follow this direct link to the form, and we will review your application.

Convention membership

Each Table purchased comes with a single Dealer membership. If you want to order additional Dealer memberships they cost €20 each. Dealer memberships allow access to the Trade Hall, Exhibits Hall, and food and bar areas. Dealer memberships do not give access to the Panels or other parts of the Worldcon 75 Programme and do not come with WSFS voting rights, i.e. do not allow voting in the Hugo Awards or site selection.

Dealer memberships will be upgradeable to full or day memberships if you would like access to the wider convention. If you already have a Full membership in Worldcon 75, please contact us so we can discuss options.


Worldcon 75 reserves the right to refuse bookings. We are open to the sale of most goods and services, however there will be some restrictions.

Worldcon 75 is welcoming to all traditions, however we need to be aware that there will be young children in attendance.

The convention centre has an exclusive deal for the sale of food and drink. You may if you wish give away small quantities of sweets to potential customers, but you may not sell any food or drink.

The sale of weapons is prohibited. It is possible to sell replica or LARP weapons, please contact us to discuss (

We also exclude sale of anything generating live flames, anything generating a strong odour (including incense, perfume, oils and essences), anything generating loud noises or causing crowds to gather in the aisles (including audible audio or video presentations). We also will not allow displays which are too tall (more than 7 feet / 2.14 metres above the floor) or which block access to any other dealer’s space, the common backspace, or the aisles.

Dealers are responsible for providing their own insurance and for ensuring that they comply with relevant laws. If you have any questions around this, please contact us. For relevant information about taxes and customs in Finland, please see the Exhibits FAQ for Taxes and Customs page.

You may not sell counterfeit, pirated, or unlicensed goods.

Hall and Table Information

The Trade Hall and Creators Alley will be located in Hall 4 of the Messukeskus Convention Centre. There will be access to a loading bay.

The Trade Hall and Creators alley will be open to the General Public.

Tables are 200 cm × 70 cm and will cost €200 per table. Electricity can be provided to tables for a charge of €20 for the first table and €10 for subsequent tables.

Sales Hours

Wednesday: 12:00–18:00
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: 10:00–18:00
Sunday: 10:00–15:00

Dealers will be allowed into the room early each day to set up.

Shipping Information

For information on shipping your stock to Worldcon 75, please see this page.

Other questions

The Worldcon 75 Dealers Room and Creators Alley Area Head is Gareth Kavanagh. You can contact him with any queries at We will provide responses in Finnish or English.

For relevant information about taxes and customs in Finland, please see the Exhibits FAQ for Taxes and Customs page.